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sensor beacon

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RuuviTag is an advanced sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill needs of makers, developers and business customers.

The device can act as a standard Eddystone™ / iBeacon proximity beacon, but it has potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it's possible to cover several use cases.

In addition to evaluation and tinkering purposes, RuuviTag can be used as a foundation for your very own end product. We are ready to customize our design to meet your outstanding requirements.

Easy to use

The device can be easily adjusted to cover different kinds of needs. Use it as a remote weather station or tell it to broadcast a Physical Web address. There are endless possibilities for its set up. No programming or electronic knowledge is required to run our ready-made sample software. The software can be easily updated Over-the-Air from an Android/iOS mobile phone.

Innovative battery holder

After many trials and errors we came up with a perfect battery holder mechanism. The circuit board material bends enough to firmly keep the battery in place. A patent will be pending, but we don't like those.

Superior lifetime

Although it's easy to replace the battery, it's rarely needed. The device runs several years on a single coin cell.

Mesh network capabilities

Traditional beacons are limited to broadcast their static address information. Our Tags are fully user-programmable and they can run proprietary protocols (e.g. Wirepas Connectivity) to form robust mesh networks of thousands of nodes.

RuuviTag is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.

GCC & GDB support and GPIO & debug pins

Because everything Ruuvi does is open-source, so are the development tools we are using. Flashing the device doesn't require wires, however all the necessary pins and buses are still available for serious evaluation. For more detailed info, check the hardware GitHub repository.

High-quality enclosure

RuuviTag's IP67 certified casing is waterproof and durable. It can be branded and for business customers it'll be available in every Pantone color.

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We have decided to do things differently and have opened all of our sources. Both hardware and software. Everything can be found on our GitHub organization.

Check the documentation, join the discussion on our forum and meet our team in realtime by requesting an invite to our Slack Team.

RuuviTag is shipping already but we're serving our backers first. Leave your email and we'll let you know once it's available for everyone.